College Funding

The tools we’ve been given to prepare for college get us about half-way there. The expense of college has outpaced inflation and earnings for decades.  How can we pay in the most cost and tax-efficient way?

The Smart Track™ College Funding Program can help you do this, at no charge:

  1. College Cost:  What are you expected to pay for college? What is your Expected Family Contribution?
  2. College Funding Techniques:  Can you receive more aid? Will some of your financial areas hurt or help you?
  3. Accurate College Comparisons: Once you have your EFC calculated plus key financial data and college choices entered, the College Strategy Report estimates actual out of pockets costs. Some colleges historically offer more.
  4. Online Workshops:  Learn more about tax benefits, aid programs and whether you can appeal college offers.
  5. Apply for Financial Aid:  Everyone is eligible for some sort of aid, whether grants, scholarships or inexpensive loans, but you have to apply! How do you do that?
  6. Awards Analysis:  When you get those offers, how do you know if they’re good ones? How can you easily compare offers from other schools? What’s the process if you wanted to ask for more?
  7. College Loans:  If you decide to use college loans, how do those work?
  8. Get Help!  If you want help designing your college funding plan, click a button to request a complimentary consultation.

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