Business Services

Increase Profits at No Additional Expense to Your Business

We determine whether your business qualifies, at no risk to you, in these areas:

  • Hiring Incentives
  • Payroll-based Tax Credits
  • Facility Tax Incentives
  • Property Tax Reductions
  • Operational Cost Reductions

In about 15 minutes, we can estimate your potential savings. Must be approved through your CPA. If no savings found, no charge. Allow us to spend our money to make you money.

These types of businesses (and more) can qualify: Software/Hardware, Engineering, Hotel, Restaurant, Apartment, Senior Care, Commercial Property, Manufacturing, Funeral Home, Auto Dealership, Golf Course, Retail and Medical.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve found over $350,000,000 in savings for businesses across the US.

Let’s take a few minutes and see how much your company can save. Schedule your time slot here.