Our Approach

Before we ever talk about any type of financial “product” you could choose, I have to know what’s most important to you. What would you like to see for yourself, for your family? What are your preferences, your commitments, your goals? In the first complimentary meeting, we’ll talk about these things in a way that starts right off giving you financial concepts and insights while I learn what I need to see how I can help. Cash flow, opportunity cost, financial efficiency, uninterrupted compounding, for example – these ways of viewing your financial world create advantages for you that you otherwise didn’t know you had. There’s no reason you can’t take these advantages for yourself.

There’s more to the picture than just what you’re saving or have saved. Sure, perhaps the rate of return could be improved there, but what I nearly always find is that there are bigger issues lurking in plain view due to no or incorrect guidance from the media, from financial institutions, even from our culture. This requires looking across each aspect of your financial picture – your income sources, your savings types, how you finance cars and houses, how you pay for college, and the taxes you pay, among others.

Having grown up in a small dryland farming community in South Dakota, where the vagaries of weather, markets, government programs and more – all factors out of our control – meant dealing with numerous risks to everyday or lifetime goals. Our father encouraged us to choose something besides farming for this very reason. You could say that reducing or eliminating risk while increasing the ability to save or grow wealth is in my blood.

Roy Sargent

I’ve been in personal finance since 2001, when I left the technology world to learn more about the markets. I moved through stocks, options, futures, into mortgages and now into the asset side of the business. If I don’t offer a service, such as mortgages, college academic planning or estate planning legal work, for example, I can connect you with good people who do.

Next Steps…

Let’s choose a time to get together and review your situation. In as little as 10 or up to 60 minutes, depending on the detail you provide, I can tell how much I can help and roughly how much difference it will make to you.